Critical Design: Personal Manifesto


We initially had to look up other manifestos as inspirations, but I still found it a bit hard to create a personal manifesto at first. The rules I was thinking of were a bit too diverse and I wanted to keep it a bit related to each individual point. I chose to go with something very personal in the end. I wrote down some things I’ve learned the hard way over the years so others could learn from my troubles.

For the visualization of my manifesto, I decided to write it on my own hand. This is to signify how important and personal these lessons are and how handy they can be others to read as well.


Writing a manifesto is a good way to figure out what you really stand for and what you believe in. My manifesto reminded me of what I’ve learned about myself too, and I’ve tried to apply the lessons I’ve learned more often since writing it. Manifestos are also a great way for bringing a message to people’s attention when they’re clear and concise. It’s something people should be able to read and understand what it is about, and if it’s a good manifesto, motivate them to act on it too.