Intercultural Communications: TEDx Talks Paper

You can read my paper here.

You can find our presentation here.

In week 4 we had to watch 3 TEDx Talks for Intercultural Communications on Youtube about communication, culture, behavior and how these 3 things affect each other. Our assignment was to watch these videos and write a paper about them and about how we related to them. We also had to make a presentation on it as a group.

These videos got me thinking more and more the more I watched them and discussed them with my fellow students. I noticed that a lot of them were mostly either summarizing the videos or just giving their opinions on the overarching topics in their papers. I thought that both those ways were coming up a little short of really talking about the subject matter of the videos, so I tried to be a bit more analytical in my approach. Taking the main points mentioned in each video and then arguing my own view on each allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the topics at hand.

This effort was also appreciated by Jessika, with whom I had a brief but interesting ethical/political discussion during her feedback on the paper. According to her I had the perfect mix of analysis of the videos and my own arguments. I’ll do my best to try and keep this method of analysis up for future papers.

As far as the presentation was concerned, I wrote the slide on ‘How Culture Drives Behaviours’ and added two of my conclusions to the list of 5. I then also edited the other two slides on the other two TED Talks to fix the wording and make it more accurate. After putting these finishing touches on the presentation, I handed it in. I could sadly not be around for the actual presentations as I was ill during that time.