Media Theory: ‘Meaning’ and the Persuasive Design of Video Games Essay

Meaning and the Persuasive Design of Video Games.pdf In order to familiarize myself with Pink’s work, I read through ‘A Whole New Mind’ in a few days. It was a very long but interesting read and gave me a new some great new insights into the human psyche. While I can’t say I’ll always actively remember all the concepts presented, I do think it’s affected the way I think things through. In my essay, I decided to look beyond just Pink’s work. As my topic was persuasive design in relation to video game, it was a little hard to find any relevant research. I ended up scanning through lots and lots of papers on persuasive design to find what I needed to know. I ended up only using 5 other sources on design philosophy, but I’ve learned so much from so many other papers during this research phase. Aside from just doing research on the persuasive design philosophy, I also decided to reach out to several members within the gaming industry and an UXD expert/teacher that I knew. I got a lot of interesting insights and feedback from that, which I incorporated into my essay as well. Overall, the experience […]
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