Media Theory: ‘Meaning’ and the Persuasive Design of Video Games Essay

Meaning and the Persuasive Design of Video Games.pdf

How can ‘meaning’ contribute to behavioural change in the persuasive design of video games as media?

In order to familiarize myself with Pink’s work, I read through ‘A Whole New Mind’ in a few days. It was a very long but interesting read and gave me a new some great new insights into the human psyche. While I can’t say I’ll always actively remember all the concepts presented, I do think it’s affected the way I think things through.

In my essay, I decided to look beyond just Pink’s work. As my topic was persuasive design in relation to video game, it was a little hard to find any relevant research. I ended up scanning through lots and lots of papers on persuasive design to find what I needed to know. I ended up only using 5 other sources on design philosophy, but I’ve learned so much from so many other papers during this research phase.

Aside from just doing research on the persuasive design philosophy, I also decided to reach out to several members within the gaming industry and an UXD expert/teacher that I knew. I got a lot of interesting insights and feedback from that, which I incorporated into my essay as well.

Overall, the experience of writing this essay was quite fun despite the fact I usually really dislike writing essays. I think most of that can be attributed to the fact that I learned a lot of things in the process of writing this that I feel I can actually apply on real projects.